Tuesday, June 14, 2011


" Don't scream."

" Jesus Cam, what are you doing here?" I shrieked, unable to calm myself down.

" I was on my way home and Chloe called, telling me she had dinner waiting. And as sweet as it was, I wasn't entirely sure how to handle the tones in her voice, and the implications that seemed to follow.” Pulling me inside he wrapped me in his arms.

“ Cam, she was probably just trying to be nice, you’ve known her for practically her whole life.” I reminded him as I pulled away, locking the door and moving over to the sofa.

“ Yeah, well unfortunately I think she wants to play house, not just be a room mate.”

“ Aren’t these things that came to your mind, I don’t know…before you agreed to letting her live with you?”

Sitting there quiet Cameron rubbed his jaw and looked around the room before answering, “ You know, she has always been flirtatious Liv, but that’s just the way I thought she was. I was really looking for a room mate and she seemed to really be in need of a place to stay.”

“And you have such a big heart, that you surely couldn’t say no to Chloe?” I replied, exasperated, no one can ever say no to Chloe.

“ It’s really not that I can’t say no.. it’s just that I didn’t want to say no to her.”

Startled I ran my hands through my hair and looked away from him trying to hide the emotions I couldn’t seem to control that were running through me.

“ So, is it ok if I stay here tonight?” A perfectly normal question for Cam but at the moment it left me flustered and irritated.

“ I guess it’s ok, if you have to. But it’d probably be better if you acted like a big boy and went home to Chloe.”

Getting up Cameron grabbed his coat off the back of my dining room chair and took his keys, “I guess your right, I’m probably being ridiculous, just wanted to talk to you, or something. I really thought you’d be at Hayden’s tonight. Why’d you come home anyway.”

“I don’t know, just wanted some space. I’m exhausted, and I’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“Yeah I get that”, slowly walking to the door he looked back over his shoulder with a small glimpse of longing. And before I could decipher what that could even mean, he was gone.

Honestly, there was just so much going on. The best remedy I could think of was a hot bath and bed. So grabbing a glass of wine, and my newest book, I did just that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

So sorry for the delay. Don't know how many of you are out there reading/waiting for a new post, but it's been a terrible week. I feel like that's getting repetitive but it really has!!

Just to update you my Mom is currently undergoing treatment for stage 2 breast cancer--she just had surgery and I have been staying at my families home to try and help with my younger siblings. It's a scary and crazy time and we are all working through it!!!

But---this blog is a fun distraction, SO, hope you are all well, and enjoy the next post! Check back tomorrow mid-day!! xoxo-Liv

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Plans...

Walking back inside I peeked into the kitchen, and sure enough, Hayden had the table set for the two of us. More mason jars sat in the middle filled with roses, and candles were lit all around the table.

"This is beautiful," I murmured walking fully into the room.

"You know..it wasn't much at all. Just wanted a beautiful night to match my beautiful girl." Hayden replied over his shoulder as he walked to the oven and took out dinner. Fresh garlic butter chicken, a small raspberry poppyseed salad, and homemade rolls.

"So, what do you think about the shop?" I managed to ask between mouthfuls.

Leaning back and sipping his wine Hayden looked at me carefully. Tilting his head from one side to the other, he sighed and then responded, "I think that it is a great opportunity for you Liv. Babe, it's what you have always wanted and I am proud to think that Maggie has enough confidence in you to hand something she has worked her entire life creating, over to you."

"I know, it really is amazing. I think I'm still in shock, and maybe a little tired."

"So let's go to bed.."

"Actually Hayden, this is amazing, everything you have done for me tonight has been amazing, but I think I should head home." Setting my napkin on the table and getting up to leave I tried to avoid Hayden's eyes. It wasn't that I was doing something wrong, but I knew that he had more to the evening planned than this, but I was running on no energy and wanted my bed.

"Really? You have to go already? You can spend an entire day with Cameron, but you can't spend more than a couple hours with me?" Jealousy wasn't one of Hayden's more prominent qualities, but there was something about Cameron that irked him in every wrong way.

"Babe, you know it's not like that. I'm exhausted, and I am getting up early to meet Maggie at the shop so she can start showing me the ropes of opening the store."

"You know, you're right. You need your sleep and it's probably better that I get going to bed tonight anyway. I've got a shoot downtown tomorrow and I need to get prepared."

Guiltily I cringed as being so wrapped up in the events of my day I forgot all about Hayden's shoot for Entourage. While I was beginning my dream career, Hayden was living his. Starting out as an assistant to Joseph Carlello, he has worked his way to becoming one of the most sought after freelance photographers in our area. Entourage was his dream magazine, and this was his first shoot for them. As more of an artsy magazine, with stunningly controversial pieces, Hayden was allowed complete artistic freedom with his shots. Although, the final decision was not going to be left up to him, he was going to have a lot of say in which images were and were not published.

Among being a freelance photographer, Hayden was incredibly good at playing the guitar, and his voice makes me weak at the knees. Is there really anything sexier than a guy who is successful, and sings while playing the guitar? I think not.

"I know you didn't mean to forget. You have had a really hectic day, and it's not a big deal."

Leaning down and giving him a kiss I whispered good luck and then made my way to leave.

Getting into my car I felt an immense relief. While I loved being with Hayden, and his house was gorgeous, I love my apartment. It wasn't much, but it was home.

The drive was about 20 minutes and I spent it listening through Adele's new cd. Singing along I'm sure I scared a few people at stoplights. Pulling up to my building I noticed Mrs. Phillips, my new neighbor, walking her dog. Shutting off my headlights, I shrunk back hoping she wouldn't notice me. I was not in the mood for chatting tonight. Thankfully she stumbled back inside and shut her lights out. Quietly I walked past her apartment door and went to unlock mine, but it was already unlocked. Thinking back to this morning I tried to figure if I had locked it or not. As I stood there racking my brain, the door swung open. Startled I stepped back...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey everyone!! Sorry this is getting at you so late! I'll have a post up tomorrow afternoon!!! Been a crazy week around my house!!! Hope all is well with you!!! :0) ---Liv

Friday, June 3, 2011

Phone calls and dinner plans...

The post is a little shorter than I intended, but hopefully you like it!!! Let me know what you think! And feel free to comment links to your blog/others that you are fans of! I love reading and connecting through these stories! I think I might post again over the weekend so be sure to check back! Also, comment on the story. What do you guys think, loving anyone? Hayden or Cameron--Who would be your pick!? -Liv

"Hayden", I started. I still wasn't really sure how I wanted to react. Everything in my life was essentially great. I was getting the opportunity of a lifetime with this shop, and I come home at night to a beautiful romantic evening, with an even more beautiful man. Really, what was my problem? Why did I even feel like talking at all when I should just be relishing in the moment. And then my cell phone rang.

"Great--probably your B-F-F Cameron calling to interrupt whatever plans I thought of having with you this evening," Hayden smirked and laid back onto his bed.

"Just relax, I doubt it is", grabbing my phone out of my back pocket I looked down, Chloe. "Hello?"

"Hey Liv! I heard all about your big day!! Oh my gosh, I can't even believe you are getting everything that you always wanted! Typical, of course, but still totally amazing!"

"Yeah it is pretty great, I'm still in shock a little bit myself. It won't seem real until I start working, but I already have all these pla-"

"Oh of course you do! That is really so great for you! Anyways, so the real reason that I'm calling,"

"Because it couldn't only be to congratulate me," I shot back.

"Like I was saying, I'm cooking Cameron dinner, you know, kind of as a thank you, and hopefully as a routine into our new lifestyle..." Chloe stammered on but I couldn't ignore the pang of jealousy that rushed through me, cooking Cameron dinner, OUR lifestyle. Knocking Haydens feet with my knees, I whispered that I was going outside to talk to her for a minute. He simply nodded back, and covered his face up with a pillow, he wasn't a huge fan of girl chat.

"Chloe, slow down for ten seconds, I can't really hear you, and you are talking way too fast." Walking back outside I couldn't help but smile at Hayden's romantic gesture of the rose petals, I am a true sap and romantic at heart, and he seems to know exactly how to pull at my heartstrings.

"So, Olivia", I cringed at her use of my full name, " I really think that you should tell me what Cameron would like for dinner I don't want to blow this shot."

"Oh that's easy Chloe, he loves the pinwheel steaks from the deli on the corner of his block, and a side salad, usually he prefers a homemade caesar."

Squeeling from the other end of the line, I moved the phone away from my ear, "Liv, Liv, Liv, you are the best! I think I can manage that, oooooh everything is going to be just perfect when he gets home! Gotta run! Love you!" And with that she hung up the phone. I debated on wether or not I should call Cameron and warn him to grab some food on his way home, just in case Chloe didn't turn out to be the chef she thought she was, but Hayden's voice pulled me away from those thoughts.

"Liv, babe, maybe you should come back inside. I made dinner for you and I know it's been a long day. Besides, wait until you see what else I have for you."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More surprises...?

Shrinking back from Cameron I steadied myself and took a few deep breaths. Hayden really didn’t have anything to be mad about, if anything I should be the one who was frustrated. He was so short with me, always irritated about one thing or another.

“Well, guess that would be your cue to go. Looks like he has been waiting for you to get home,” Cameron

remarked, echoing my thoughts and pulling back into forward position and giving Hayden a slight nod.

“Guess I better.” Reluctantly I pulled open the door and stepped outside. It was a beautiful night really, and regardless of his attitude, I wanted to tell Hayden my good news.

Looking over towards me, and yet avoiding eye contact, Hayden glanced toward Cameron returning his nod of acknowledgement, and then went inside.

Pushing forward I walked up the front steps and into his townhome. Instantly hitting me was the smell of Hayden. He smelled like cinnamon and firewood, with an earthy undertone. Being in his house, there was no way of escaping it, and the scent literally made me weak in the knees. Had I been paying better attention to my surroundings, and less time lusting after my boyfriend, I would have picked up on the trail of violet rose petals leading up the front porch.

Halting and spinning around after finally noticing I walked back and allowed myself to follow the trail. Winding past his kitchen counter and into the bedroom I noticed the familiar flickering of candles through the crack in his door. My heart kicked up a few notches, and I took off my coat and hung it up on the antique coat rack I had bought Hayden on our last anniversary, smiling at the memory of him walking in

and finding it set up.

“I really do love that coat rack” Hayden remarked, smirking as he watched me looking at it, knowing exactly which memory I was caught up in.

Startled I looked up to find Hayden leaning against his bedroom doorframe with a look on his face like the cat who ate the canary. “What are you smiling about over there? Aren’t you supposed to be mad at me,” although the last remark came out breathless as I focused on the more finer points of him. Starting from the floor up I noticed the muscles in his legs flexing slightly as he shifted on his toes, to his abs flexing back and forth as he reached toward me.

“I’m smiling because you look absolutely sexy right now babe. Did you have a good day?” He retorted, chuckling to himself.

“As a matter of fact I did, and it looks like it is about to get better,” I reasoned, waving my hands over the petals, and finishing off with a glance at the now open door.

“You better believe it is,” and with that he closed the gap between us wrapping his arms around me, sliding his fingers up my shirt.

“Mmm, sometimes there is nothing better than having a great day, and coming home to you.”

“I know babe,” Hayden murmured into my hair, “but what I really want, is to hear about his amazing day you had.”

“You won’t even believe it. It was the most amazing thing.”

“Try me Liv,” pulling me into the bedroom.

Inside was beautiful, there were candles all along the top shelves he had lining the dark gray walls, inside mason jars of different heights. Along the windowsill were three vases filled with violet, red, and white roses, each with a ribbon of the alternating colors, and a single string of crystals wrapped around. In between the vases were more candles, reflecting off the crystals casting small sparkles onto the walls. The bed was covered in even more petals, and it single handedly had to be one of the most beautiful things anyone had ever done for me.

Bashfully Hayden’s upper lip lifted into the smallest of smiles, the one that I like to think he reserved just for me, “Well, what do you think? Is this the proper setting for you to tell me about your amazing thing?”

“It is more than that, what is all this?” Laughing a slipped off my shoes and laid onto the bed.

“I knew.” A simple enough statement, and yet it caught me completely caught me off guard.

“Knew what, exactly?”

“I knew about Maggie, and Cameron, and the shop, the deal, I knew about it all.”

“Are you kidding me right now Hayden?” I couldn’t decide if I was irritated at him for fooling me, elated that he hadn’t actually been mad at me, or frustrated that I didn’t get to tell him my news myself.

“Liv, don’t get mad. I didn’t mean to spoil your fun of telling me yourself, I just don’t like keeping things from you.”

Standing up I walked over to Hayden and rested my hands up on his shoulders, “Hayden…”

Surprise Surprise...

--I know I've been MIA for almost a year now...its been a really tough year for my family, but I'm really looking forward to getting back on track with this blog. Please comment and let me know what you think of the story thus far. :0) -Liv

“What do you mean not the only surprise..?” I stammered as I entered the shop and instantly became engrossed in the perfect balance of old fashioned-ness and elegance it upheld.

“I said, Maybe. Now, go look around, enjoy” Cameron essentially said to my back as I was well beyond listening at that point.

I feel like sometimes there are places in this world where someone really feels at home. A place where even though it is absolutely not your home, the sights and smells have a calming and soothing affect on your soul. This was my place.

I love ever nook and cranny-- every cobweb and discarded piece of furniture. I don’t mean to make the place sound like a dump, because it absolutely, is not, it is just not perfect either. Actually, that fact is probably the best thing about it. I think things in life are a little better with imperfections, less expectations, and more room for forgiveness and improvements.

Running my hand along a “new” (to the shop) dresser, I idled and opened the drawer. Gasping I reached down further and pulled out the paper inside, “Olivia”.

Spinning around grasping the paper in my hand I looked back at Cameron and Maggie who were looking back at me eagerly.

“Go on hun, open it” Maggie pressed.

Lifting off the top page, I looked down at the deed to the shop, written out to me.

“Seriously?” was about all I could choke out. This can’t even be real. There was just no way that the shop was going to be mine.

“Seriously.” Maggie chuckled back, waving me to come back to the front counter. Handing me a piece of candy she looked at me expectantly as I sat down.

“This is so unbelievable. So-so-…” I couldn’t even find the words to express the emotions running through me. “What’s the catch?”

Cameron sat down next to me and let out an exasperated sigh, “There is no catch Liv, this is real,

sometimes good things happen to good people”.

“Really, Olivia,” Maggie chimed in, “after all the years I have known you, you think I would play some cruel trick on you and include a catch with this arrangement.”

“I just am having a hard time believing that all of this is real, and that this could be happening to me. I mean I want this, so much, but I don’t understand..”

Maggie sat down in front of the bar and leaned forward slowly placing her fingertips together, “So let me explain”.

And explain she did. To sum it all up she simply cannot handle the shop anymore and the agreement is for a 60/40 partnership on the business for the next year. After one year if she is happy the deed to the shop will become under my name only, and the percentage of profit increasing in my favor 10 percent for the next four years, after which Maggie and her family will be given 20% of the profits (as it was their business to begin with) with as much interaction as needed per my request. Amazing is really what I would describe it as.

Shaking hands with Maggie I turned and walked away from the counter, leaving her and Cameron to discuss the finer points of our contract. I began up the first isle and immersed myself in every detail, taking pride in the fact that this was going to become mine. Wondering if a new paint color here, a rearrangement of furniture there would bring in a new clientele.

After what felt like minutes, but was more along the line of hours, Cameron walked up behind me resting his arms on a particularly lovely mirror, gold with small rosettes painted along the inside of the hand carved details, and reminded me that the real world was calling to him, and as fun as watching me think is, he’d like to get going home.

The car ride home was quiet at peaceful as I was still immersed in thoughts of my future. It wasn’t until Cameron pulled up in front of Hayden’s that my heart started pounding a little harder. And at the first sight of the scowl on his face, my stomach became filled with butterflies.

As Cameron put the car in park, he leaned over and kissed my cheek, a familiarity with him that was second nature and I hadn’t previously minded, until I looked off and saw Hayden’s scowl darken.